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Currently I am balancing a busy full time job with cycling on a semi-professional level, but I always have had the dream to have the possibility to focus myself completely on practicing sports. To achieve this dream I am looking for sponsorships, partnerships or collaboration possitibilities. I am always open for new ideas for working together and to think about ways in which we can mean something to each other.

I am currently looking for somebody who can help me with building a new website! Please contact me if you would like to help me with that. 

In which way can you help me?
To achieve my dream I am looking for sponsors/partners:
  • Who can support me with cycling materials & clothing. 
  • Who can support me financially.
  • Who can support me with (sports) nutrition.
  • Or any other idea you have!
What do I have to offer?
I am very active user and content poster on social media. Therefore I have created a big social network over the years - Facebook (1600+) and Instagram (500+). Besides that I am still competing as a member of the Restore Cycling Ladies Team in races within mostly The Netherlands and Belgium and I have this blog where I post message about all my cycling adventures, reports and (sports) nutrition.
My network mostly consists of (professional) cyclist, enthusiasts of cycling and people who are interested in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. By collaborating with me, you have the possibility to promote your brand with these specific groups of people. In our collaboration:
  • Your brand image can be reinforced positively by me promoting it in the media, social media and my network.
  • I can try, test and wholeheartedly endorse your brand/products/company in the (social) media and on my blog. 
  • Your company can get a promonent spot on my blog. 
  • In consultation we can see if we can produce clothes (or other things) with your brand name on it which I can use and show. 
You can always contact me if you have any questions, ideas or proposals by sending an email to!


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