My start of the Zwift Academy Semi-Finals

In this blog I want to take you with me in my journey through the Semi-Finals of the Zwift Academy 2018! I am so excited and honored to be one of the 10 women that are selected (, so I could not wait for the semi-finals to begin! And now the time has come!

I did my first workout of the semi's today after 2 intensive days of leadership training for my job.  Therefore I was a little bit tired and thought it was best to start with a workout that I am generally good in. So this high intensity effort workout was a perfect start for me on my brand new Wahoo KICKR! 

I started with an easy spin, to wake up my legs a little bit after sitting inside for 2 days. During this warm-up I already noticed that my heart rate was somewhat higher than normal, but furthermore I was feeling good. After 10 minutes I was warmed-up enough and was ready to start the workout. 

After another short warm-up the workout started with a 5 minute tempo effort, which felt pretty comfortable for me. After a short recovery the workout continued with 6 x 2 minute high intensity efforts to simulate what it can take to make the winning breakaway. I really enjoy these kind of efforts and am satisfied with the way that I could hit the targets and keep my cadence steady in this efforts. The workout ended with another 5 minute tempo block which was a little bit tougher than the first one, but I had still good power in my legs. Followed up by an easy cooling down, the semi's have really started for me. 

All in all it was a really nice workout to do, the Wahoo KICKR worked great and I am very pleased how it all went! I have planned the next workout for Thursday, so stay tuned! 


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