Very first CX race ever in Lieshout

Picture: Vic Geerlings

Last Sunday I participated in my very first CX race ever in Lieshout in The Netherlands! I bought a CX bike the week before and I only made a ride on the bike once. Therefore I was very curious how the race would go.
Arrived in Lieshout, I first explored the track and tried to get used to the bike a bit. I was only able to make one lap on the course, which was not really enough to get complete control over the bike. But that did not spoil the fun, because the track was great and I was very excited about the race.
Unfortunately I had to start totally in the back, due to the lack of points in the general classifications. I was one of the last women that went into the single track part of the course, After a short time a was able to overtake some women, untill I was part of a crash at the end of the first round. I had to start in the back all over again, but I was still motivated and my legs felt great. I was able to move up positions each lap and I was feeling better and better on the bike. In the 6th round I was on th 14th positions and was seeing 2 women in front of me. I tried to catch up with them, but the gap was too big. Therefore I finished at a 14th position with which I am satisfied. A top 10 position might have been possible, but the most important thing is that I had a lot of fun and it is definitely something that I want do more often!

Picure: Vic Geerlings


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