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The Zwift Academy 2018 has come to an end...

Today was the official announcement of the the finalists of the Zwift Academy 2018 on social media and I can inform you all that I am unfortunately not one of the 3 ladies that are selected.

Of course this was a big disappointment at first, because the dream of becoming a pro was growing and growing during the last weeks. How great would it have been to get the change to race in this super nice jersey, that I got as a present this week from Rapha, and be part of the Canyon//SRAM racing team next year! This will not be the case now, but I got this shirt as a reminder of the great experience that I have had!

Although it has been great, I have to be honest that the last few weeks have been very challenging and tough for me after a long season of racing and switching jobs during the semi's. I felt that I was not completely fresh anymore, but I was just as motivated to give everything I had in all the sessions that we needed to complete. That's why I look back with satisfaction at …

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